Lake Eyas

Overview of the Destination

On the floor of the Great Rift Valley, there is a seasonal shallow endorheic salt lake called Lake Eyasi. South of the Ngorongoro highlands, it is located in northern Tanzania. You will have plenty of time to savor this serene setting and take in its natural surroundings. This big lake rises significantly above sea level. Lake Eyasi has large palm trees along its borders, in contrast to the savannah and dry plains of northern national parks.

Wildlife of Destination

You wona’t see the big five here since Lake Eyasi doesn’t draw large populations of big-game wildlife like those found in the nearby parks and conservation zones. Due to the large number of resident bird species present, the lake is a birdwatcher’s paradise. From June through November, a huge variety of nesting waterbirds are supported by the shallow waters. The abundance of flamingos and big white pelicans is the major draw. At the shores of Lake Eyasi, birds including the Africa spoonbill, Fischer’s lovebird, gray-headed gulls, pied avocet, spurfowl, stork, barbet, weaver, and many more can be seen.

The numerous hippos in Lake Eyasi make for another fantastic sighting. They have a place to retreat from the intense sun during the day thanks to the lake. When the lake is full, they are known to visit and cool down in its salty waters. The nearby springs are home to a variety of other wildlife species.

The Hadzabe Bushmen of Lake Eyasi

In the area surrounding the lake, there are Hadzabe bushmen. One of the few tribes who continue to conduct their daily lives in the same manner as they did hundreds of years ago is this one. The bushmen are worth visiting with! They only eat wild plants and hunt with bows. One of the few hunter-gatherer groups to still exist in Africa is the Hazabe Bushmen, who are purely a land-based people. Something our ancestors did for thousands of years in the Stone Age.

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