Tarangire National Park

Overview of the Destination

Tarangire sends a very warm greeting to you. We are ecstatic to have you here, and we value your confidence in us. Tarangire offers something for everyone, whether you come for a day excursion or an overnight stay.

The park is one of the best birding locations in East Africa and is renowned for its concentration of wild species, particularly elephants. The Tarangire River, which runs through the park, gave it its name.

Attractions of Destination

The park is home to impressive features like sizable herds of elephants, breathtaking savanna environment, and giant Baobab trees. The park is home to more than 550 different bird species, many of which are endangered or endemic.

Destination's Wild Animals

Due to the abundance of animals in Tarangire, it is well known as a safari destination. When you are in four-wheel drive, you may see animals like elephants, eland, giraffes, lions, buffalo, cheetahs, leopards, and zebras with ease.

Climate of Destination

The rainy season in Tarangire is bimodal, with brief rains beginning in November and December, lengthy rains beginning in March, and dry months in June, October, and January.

The park’s elevation ranges from 900 to 1250 meters, and the yearly average rainfall is between 650 and 700 millimeters.

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