Lake Manyara National Park

Overview of the Destination

The finest way to start an East African safari is with a relaxing stop at Lake Manyara, which is located beneath the Great Rift Valley’s escarpment. Although this park is worth visiting for its beautiful splendour, the wildlife viewing here is nothing compared to what Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti have to offer.

On the route from Arusha to the Ngorongoro Crater is the gorgeous park of Lake Manyara, which is renowned for its tree-climbing lions, abundant birds, good elephants, and friendly baboons. The majority of the park is taken up by the lake, leaving a narrow strip of land along its banks where game is concentrated.

Attractions of Destination

The Park is home to several amazing sights, like the lions that can climb trees, the Marang’ forest, hot springs, ground-water forests, and a variety of bird species.

Destination's Wild Animals

Elephant, buffalo, hippo, lion, leopard, and occasionally cheetahs are among the animals that can be found in this area. Here, lions choose to rest during the sweltering noon hours in trees, giving Manyara lions a rather distinct behavior.

Climate of Destination

The Park has a bimodal rainfall season with brief rains beginning in November to December and lengthy rains beginning in February and lasting until May, with the dry season lasting from late June to October.

It is situated between 850 and 2000 meters above sea level, and its yearly average rainfall is between 650 and 760 millimeters.

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