The best of Zanzibar Island

Discover the Wonders of Paradise island!

This is the time for exposure after an experience on a Tanzanian wildlife trip. Zanzibar, also known as Spice Island, offers a friendly environment to welcome the majority of visitors. It is flanked by beautiful beaches along the Indian Ocean’s shoreline. Besides from the island’s stunning scenery, it is home to unusual people who come from a dubious cultural background. Their warm welcomes and delectable local delicacies alone are enough to make your beach vacation truly unforgettable. The most stunning beaches on earth are on the Island of Zanzibar.


Nungwi and Kendwa: They are in Zanzibar’s northern region, are quite impressive, and draw the majority of tourists. The best decision ever would have been to choose one of these gorgeous beaches for your beach holiday safari.

Pongwe: Due to its location on the coast and in the eastern part of Zanzibar, Pongwe is quite lovely and cool. Because it is less crowded than the Northern Beaches, Pongwe serves as a popular destination for clients to unwind.

Paje and Dongwe: They are also in the East, and when it comes to lodging, this region has the best Luxury Boutique Hotels. If, on occasion, you want to stay in a location that gives you the option of a relaxing spot, Paje and Dongwe are your best options.

Popular activities in Zanzibar

Stone town tour

Do you know what a Sultan is? How about historic mosques and structures?

A noteworthy location for cultural exploration is Stone Town. When you arrive in Stone Town, all of these things will be thoroughly explained to you. You will learn a variety of things about cultural features. Stone Town also provides an opportunity for the tourist market, where you will be endorsed with very unique cultural goods.
If you’re considering booking a trip to Zanzibar, the stone town will ensure that your experience is unforgettable and leave you with a lasting memory.

Stone Town is waiting for you if your dreams include eating ocean-fresh seafood and immersing yourself in Swahili culture.

Spice Tour

One of the well-known activities in Zanzibar Island is the Spice Tour. You visit an organic farm with a wide variety of plant species as part of the spice tour. On your spice tour, enjoy the lovely sight, aroma, and flavor of beautiful plant species.
In the 16th century, traders from Portugal brought spices and plants to Zanzibar from their possessions in South America and India.

The spice plantation is reached by foot during the spice tour. You may observe the growth and cultivation of the fruits, herbs, and spices on the Spice Farm.
Try tropical fruits, herbs, and spices such coconuts, papaya, chile, black pepper, jackfruit, cardamom, cassava, and oranges as well as clove, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, and vanilla. Have a typical Swahili meal at the farm after the wonderful trip.

Diving and Snorkeling

The Zanzibar archipelago’s impressive islands provide a comfortable setting for diving and snorkeling. Discover the best spots for diving and snorkeling, and take use of Zanzibar Island’s breathtaking beaches to enjoy your life. See the Coral reefs, which are widely scattered throughout the Zanzibar archipelago, to get the most of your trip.

Safari Blue Tour

A full day journey to the sea is included in the Safari Blue Tour. This marine adventure safari departs from the fishing village of Fumba on the island’s south-west coast. Swimming, snorkeling, seafood, and traditional dhow sailing are a few of the main draws. Test tropical seafood such as octopus, lobster, shrimp, shark, shellfish, tuna fish, and many other marine goods to gain extensive experience.

Prison Island

The prison was constructed in 1893 with the intention of housing both ill inmates and violent criminals.
Nonetheless, a hotel currently owns it. See the tortoise sanctuary, which is home to a sizable colony of giant tortoises that were brought from the Seychelles in the late 19th century.
These beasts typically weigh 200 kg. There will be an opportunity to pet the turtle and take pictures of it. Moreover, there is a colony of stunning peacocks on the island.

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