Mikumi National Park

Attractions of Destination​

The Hippo pools, which allow visitors to get up up and personal with the mud-loving animals, and bird watching are two of the park’s most fascinating attractions. On the grassy plains, you can find buffalo, impala, wildebeest, and zebra.

Destination's Wild Animals

The park is home to a variety of animals, including elephants, lions, zebra, giraffes, and buffalo. In the lonely acacia trees that line the Mkata river, giraffes are frequently spotted eating leaves. In the miombo woodland-covered foothills of the mountain that rise from the Park’s limits, you can also find greater Kudu and sable antelope.

Climate of Destination

The Park has a bimodal rainfall season, with brief showers beginning in early October and lengthy rains beginning in March and May. The dry season lasts from late June to early September.

It is situated between 200 and 800 meters above sea level.

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