Nyerere National Park

Overview of the Destination

Africa’s largest national park is located here! One of the highest concentrations of animals in the world may be found in the Park, which spans an incredible 30,893 km2. It’s amazing how much wildlife there is, both in terms of variety and quantity! This large refuge is home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including both rare and common species.

The park is home to the well-known “Big Five” as well as several endangered antelope species, including the Lichtenstein hartebeest, the roan and sable antelopes, the kudu, and the roan antelope.

Attractions of Destination

Visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions at Nyerere National Park. The Big Five, large concentrations of elephants, and hippopotamuses are some of the park’s biggest attractions.

Biggest population of African wild dogs, the Rufiji River, and an abundance of animals are just a few examples. The Park also has lovely and picturesque scenery, which enhance the appeal of this magnificent location.

Climate of Destination

In the Park, the rainy season is bimodal, with the short rains occurring in November and December and being followed by a partial drying out in January and February.

After that, a protracted period of rain begins and lasts until early May. It is situated between 100 and 400 meters above sea level.

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